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Feeling Spicy!

Year 6 had a fabulous day cooking their South American inspired recipes.

As part of our History and Geography topic, we are learning about Tudor explorers, so we investigated how Tudor diets changed after the epic journeys of some of our most famous explorers.

The children researched which foods where imported and used these ingredients to create recipes. Some of these included: chilli, quinoa, potaoes, butternut squash, courgettes, tomatoes, maize flour and sweetcorn.

We had Venezuelan arepas, Peruvian quinoa dishes and delicous tacos with various vegetarian fillings, to mention just a few!

Almost all the children tasted something they had never tried before and almost all of them liked it as well! A win! I was so proud at how brave they all were to have a taste – they surprised themselves too!

Mr Sutton and Mr Smith helped by finishing off the left overs and reported back that they were amazed at how tasty it all was!

The children worked brilliantly in their groups, encourging each other, cooperating to work through the tasks and complimenting each other’s dishes – well done!

We can’t wait to do some more cooking in the summer term!

Stepping out of their comfort zone!
Our Head Boy about to take the plunge!
Excellent focus using his knife!
Crunchy tacos were a thumbs up from someone who had never tried butternut squash or quinoa before, and who was worried his head might explode if he ate chilli! Luckily it didn’t, and he polished off the lot, with a smile on his face!
Always important to check the recipe!
Despite worrying about chilli on her fries, someone thought they were delicious!
Great team work and delegation of tasks!
Sour cream + crunchy taco = MESSY FACE!
We know who will be on peeling duty next time it is Sunday roast time!
Some excellent knife skills!
The girls enjoyed the crunch of the arepas, but decided they needed to be thinner next time!
The boys weren’t sure but really enjoyed their quinoa, sweetcorn and chilli soft tacos!
Preparing the potato skins for stuffing.
Someone tried sweet potato fries for the first time … and loved them!
Fab sharing of the workload!
A delicious plate with a little taster from each group!
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