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Welcome To Reception Class Blog

Following feedback from parents, Reception Class have decided on a weekly blog about our learning, so parents can continue to practise skills at home with their children.

Spring 2 Week 3- Heroes.

In Maths we have been measuring looking at length, capacity and weight. We have been using language heavier and lighter, longer and shorter and full, half full and empty. Please see your child’s homework grid for a measuring activity to practise!

In Literacy we described our favourite superheroes and then wrote about what power they would like to have. In Phonics we have begun to look at ear, air and tricky word they. If you would like to practise at home: Challenge 1 sentence: I can hear. Challenge 2 sentence: They went to the funfair.

We asked a policeman lots of questions this week, including: “Why do you put bad guys in jail” and “how do you put people in jail?” We even got to see the police car and the sirens! We looked at which materials would be good for a windsock and explored a variety of different materials to create frost/ sun work. Children have also begun to bring in their superhero vegetables, we will be reading Supertato next week!

We are working hard on our class assembly and would love to see parents to showcase some of our learning. Our assembly is on Wednesday 18th March at 9am, we hope to see you there!

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