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Coronavirus Update

Again, thank you for your positive feedback and support for the staff in these very difficult times. 

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write to you today to inform you that we have been directed by central government to close the school due to the spread of Coronavirus from tomorrow afternoon.

We have however been asked to open the premises, from Monday 23rd March and use staff available to provide childcare for a very limited number of pupils. Pupils eligible to come into the school building from Monday can only do so if they are fit and well enough.  Only pupils whose parents are ‘key-workers’ , who have an EHCP plan or a named social worker helping them are eligible to come in. 

However – we are awaiting clarification on who exactly is eligible but please remember that all those who can distance themselves socially should do so.  Significantly, we cannot accept pupils during this time who do not specifically ‘qualify’ as this is a mandatory nationwide closure of all schools to the ‘vast majority of pupils’.

Even if your working job means you fall into one of the eligible categories (for pupil childcare), can I reiterate the absolute importance of keeping your children at home if they are showing any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, if they are in an ‘at risk’ group or if somebody in your household has any of the COVID-19 symptoms. There are very clear ‘self-isolation’ procedures in place that must be followed.

If you feel that you fall into any of the above eligible groups (and it is absolutely safe for your child to attend school from Monday onwards) please complete the reply slip below and return it to the school office tomorrow or email with the same details.  

School will hopefully be open for this childcare between the hours of 8.50 and 3.10 (TBC).  

Home Learning 

I hope that the booklet of work and the online material, that you should have now received or will be receiving will be of use for you and your child to complete during the 2 week period they are off school before the Easter break. Please also ensure your child is reading, not only the books from their passport but other age appropriate books.  If the school remains closed after the Easter break we will issue further learning support as appropriate – using the staff available.  

Statutory Assessments / Checks

This is an especially difficult time for Year 6 – although the SATs will no longer be going ahead the teachers will be putting together teacher assessments to show where the children are in their learning. The Y1 phonics screening check, Y4 multiplication check and KS1 and KS2 SATs have been cancelled.  

We know that we are in unprecedented times here but we must make sure that we work together, support one another, remain positive and continue the education of the young people who attend our school, to the best of our ability.  .

I will continue to provide updates as the situation changes – please do keep checking your emails. 

Thanks again for your continued support, keep safe and continue to follow Public Health England’s guidance around the coronavirus.  

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