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Reception Class Blog Post 2

Spring 2 Week 4

We made Mother’s Day cards where we wrote sentences about what our mother’s do that make them a superhero. We read Supertato, designing our own evil villain. Some of the villains designed were an evil slug, an evil carrot, an evil elephant and an evil reindeer! Over the next week we were going to work on our own problem and solution. If you would like to write your own problem and solution for Supertato or for your own vegetable superhero, please photograph and add to Tapestry. You can also continue to upload any superhero vegetables you create! I have attached a copy of the original Supertato story:

In maths we looked at halving. In our last halving lesson we had bags of ‘sweets’ (cubes) to share with one friend. If you would like to continue practise halving you could use lego/duplo, individually wrapped sweets etc. Please ensure your child understands that halving is putting objects into two groups where each group has the same amount. Following children’s interest in child initiated learning we also created a tally chart to see how many children could roll their tongue!

As stated in the Spring 2 Homework Grid, cress was sent home with children that were in school. This is for your children to grow and to design their own faces. I have attached Miss Palmer’s example, I cannot wait to see your ideas on Tapestry!

We also made a card for Lancaster Court, we each painted a flower and as a class we wrote a letter. If you would like to continue this idea of reaching out, you could phone a grandparent for your child to talk about what they have been doing at home and at school. I will let you know if I hear back from Lancaster Court and will be setting some further work after the Easter holidays for children to recognise changes over time with some knowledge from parents and grandparents (toys and childhood).

You should all have received a Reception Class home pack of ideas and activities to keep you busy until Easter. There is also a list of educational websites on Reception Class Page, I will be looking for further websites that will be useful, so please keep referring back!

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