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First day of term…

What a beautiful day it was! We hope you’ve all been able to get some fresh air and sunshine today! It’s very strange being at school with so few children and we all miss our classes so much!

After Joe Wicks this morning, we decided to spend most of the day outdoors, to make the most of the weather. We have had fun today- drawing animal tracks on the playground (can you guess what any of them are?)

Then we built dance floors, sun loungers, forts and balance tracks with giant Lego bricks.

Next, we tried to hula-hoop to music… it did not go well (especially for Mrs Overy and Mrs Long!)

Children also enjoyed colouring in some thank you posters to stick up around school…

After lunch, we drew some animals (I bet Year 6 can guess which ones Mrs Overy did!) and talked about where they live and why they have certain features.

The adults were delighted to see how much fun the children were able to have with two giant plastic boxes, a long stick and their imaginations!

Thanks to our fantastic kitchen staff for delicious lunch- as always- and Mrs McCready, Mrs Long and Mrs Overy for supporting the children today!

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