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What is this wet stuff falling from the sky?

Well what a change from last week’s glorious sunshine!

Still, we weren’t down-hearted!

After our usual morning torture , erm P.E.session with Joe Wicks, the children made some lovely birthday cards for one of our regular lockdown pupils and one certain staff member, who shares her birthday!

Some really creative ideas from the children and one overly-excited teacher!

Then we played some epic games of snap, matching pairs, Head Bandz and bingo before lunch- which was delicious as always! Thank you to our fabulous cooks!

Later on, we baked some cakes, including some chocolate, vanilla and chocolate & raisin flavour.

We experimented with tie-dye effect icing dips too-don’t they look fab! They smelled amazing too!

Thanks to Mrs Long, Mrs Oncescu, Mrs Darwood and Mrs Overy for working with the children today.

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