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Free online comics

Marvel Comics, DC Comics and the Beano are all offering free comic books at the moment.

To download Marvel Comics, you will need to download the app Marvel Unlimited. Once you’ve done this, there is a button to click that says ‘Free Comics’. If you click on this you’ll have access to all of their free comics. The app does say that there are some in-app purchases but as long as you’ve clicked on this button it shouldn’t be a problem. These comics are available until Monday 4th May so do have a look now before they disappear!

DC Comics are available until Friday 8th June. You can access their comics through the website Click on the menu and select the Free tab and you can access all of their free comics. Please note that there are some comics in this section that are not appropriate for primary school children to be reading. You will need to judge which comics you are happy for your child to access.

DC Comics also have their own app called DC Comics. It is free to download but does have some in app purchases so again, please make sure you are monitoring this. When you click on the menu you can click on the Free Comics section and it will take you to all of the free comics available. Again, there are comics in this section that are not appropriate for primary school aged children to read. On the app it is easier to check this as they show whether the comics are suitable for all ages or are specifically for aged 9 and above, aged 12 and above or aged 15 and above.

Beano Comics are offering a free digital Beano each month. To access this, go to their website and search for Golden Beano. When you click on the picture (shown below) it downloads a PDF file of the comic onto your device.

Happy reading!

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