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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Well we’ve had a lovely day at school.

The children did their usual Joe Wicks work out but enjoyed his wife Rosie demonstrating while his wrist heals!

They then worked brilliantly at their home learning for the day- it was really lovely to see them enthusiastically getting on with their tasks…and that their handwriting was still so neat!

After another delicious lunch, there was some creative dengineering in the sunshine.

Our final activity of the day was making fondant sugar skulls, as is the tradition on the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo) in Mexico to celebrate their ancestors on the Day of the Dead.

They used cutters, edible pens and sprinkles to create their own designs- aren’t they amazing?!

Thank you to Mrs Long, Mrs McCready, Mr Smith, Mrs Darwood and Mrs Overy for working with the children today.

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