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Hands up!

Another lovely Tuesday at school.

The usual Joe Wicks this morning, followed by some lovely fresh air before we settled to complete the home learning for the day.

Some great tasks today- learning about ceremonies, investigating countries in the different hemispheres and on the Equator and learning about a British artist, as well as lots of lovely and English tasks! The children worked really hard on their tasks.

Just before lunch, we used damp sand to make imprints of our hands into which we poured Plaster of Paris.

After lunch, we attempted to lift the hand models but alas the plaster broke as it was quite old! Unperturbed, many of the children painted their hand models anyway, and we managed to find some more plaster lurking at the back of a shelf, so were able to re-cast some of the most damaged ones!

Don’t they look good?

There was also an epic power battle involving a Dalek, possibly Optimus Prime and some kind of creature, whom I was reliably informed had a forcefield!

Thank you, as always, to our wonderful kitchen staff, Mrs Darwood, Mrs Oncescu, Mrs Long and Mrs Overy for working with the children today.

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