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Year 6 Home Learning

Dear All,

I hope you are all staying safe and well at home!

I have received so many great photos from Year 6 to show what they have been up to in completing the tasks I have set them.


A fabulous example of a Year 6 coat of Arms – this actually made me cry!
This set of pirates were experimenting to see how much booty their ship could hold. They regretted their last raid shortly after this photo was taken!

So… you may remember that we have pet giant land snails called Echo and Pomegranate… Well Echo seemed to have dried up during a hibernation period so I told Freya to pop it in the bin, as they are biodegradable.

Fast-foward 4 hours, to when my husband was making dinner and putting vegetable peelings into our green bin…

A lockdown miracle! Echo was not an ex-snail at all and rejoined us! I expect he was revived by the smell of all the tasty veg! He is now safely back in his tank enjoying daily lettuce and rainwater facials.

One of my favourite things this lockdown has been the addition of guinea pigs to the Overy menagerie!

Right at the start of lockdown, we adopted two rescue piggies, where their owner had developed an allergy to them, so could no longer keep them. Sadly one of them died after two weeks 🙁

Guinea pigs are very social animals so after speaking to an expert, we decided that we would get Chocolate Brownie (our rescue) some companions… and because I am a ridiculous pushover when it comes to animals, I got three new babies to keep her company (better to get more than one so she didn’t bully the new comer).

She was amazing with these noisy, nosy little babies, becoming instantly protective of them. They squeak their little heads off if you take her out of the cage for too long and stop the second their ‘mama pig’ is returned.

From left to right: (Chocolate) Brownie, Taffy, Pippin and Piper

They are all so friendly and sweet. Pippin is especially chilled and loves to snooze on Freya of an evening!

Sorry for the delay but I finally got enough ideas to name the flamingos!

Introducing: Florence (credit to Lia) and Floyd (credit to Toby)! I may have also accidentally painted the fence turquoise!
And also my two mini flamingos: Wilson and Milson! (Credit to Faith N!)

I have loved getting so many messages, photos, videos and even an actually letter from my class. It really has lifted my spirits enormously. I can’t tell you how much I have missed you all- the smiles, laughs, your amazing hard work!
I hope you’ve enjoyed see each other’s work and what my family have been up to!

Can you find the hidden message?
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