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Clay Faces.

Today, we all enjoyed the lovely weather during our outdoor learning activity. The children began by watching a slideshow in the classroom which explained the activity, how to stay safe and inspired their creativity. We then went outside to gather some natuiral resources to use in our creations, the children collected sticks, stones, leaves, acorn shells and flowers. They were then given a ball of clay which they kneaded before pressing onto a tree.

The children then added detail by moulding the eyes, nose, chin, mouth etc, and by adding the natural resources they had gathered. It was lovely to see how the children used their imagination while adding their natural resources. We had sticks used as hair, arms and legs, horns and for marking small details into the clay. Eyes were created using stones, acorn shells and flowers.

We were all very happy with the finished faces, they were all so different, just like us.

While we were outside some of the children even spotted some little frogs swimming in our pond, which has inspired us to look at pond life later in the week.

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