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Class of 2020

Today was a huge milestone for 30 of our children … their FINAL day at primary school before leaving Alban Wood for the summer to go to secondary school in September!

The last half term of year 6 was very different to what we had hoped and planned for, not least because we were only able to welcome 15 of them back into school!

Normally, to celebrate their time at Alban Wood, we would have had a full school assembly in the hall with parents, songs, tears and cheers then t-shirt signing, a party and maybe even a water fight!

This year, however, we have had to adapt to the lockdown and instead, hosted a zoom call between the year 6 bubble with me and Ms Simpson in class, and Mrs Pinder, Mrs Forbes and Mrs Heard with the rest of year 6 in the Creative Arts room.

It was lovely to see everyone again (they are all enormous!), play ‘Guess who in Year 6 was most likely to…’ (they were great at guessing!), share memories of Alban Wood (we laughed a lot) and see them in their hoodies! (I expect they’ll grow into them!)

Mrs Pinder handed out some awards to celebrate the diverse skills we have seen from the children!

The Lily Carter-Curry Sport’s Award went to Kerim.

The David Manita Creative Arts Award went to Patrick.

The Chris Webb Football Award went to Dylan.

Well done! We are incredibly proud of all of them!

Over the last few weeks, the children in school each created a personal page of memories, finding photos going back to year 1! They then helped me make pages for the children who weren’t back at school. I added a few extra bits and bobs including lots of lovely messages from staff both past and present and bound it into a Year Book for them.

One of their first home learning tasks was to design a class crest/coat of arms, so I sent Dylan’s to a great friend of mine who is a professional illustrator and he turned it into this beautiful image for the cover- I especially love the quote!

They really enjoyed looking through the photos of each other!

Apart from the class collaboration, unbeknownst to me, there had been another sneaky collaboration by the parents, children and Mrs Forbes… they had filmed messages for me and Dylan’s mum, Laura (with technical support from his brother Charlie) had pieced them all together with tonnes of fantastic photos of the children and set to music. The first time I watched it, I cried from about 8 seconds in, all the way through! I am blown away by all the beautiful messages and seeing so many photos of the children all together, having fun.

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in making this, I will treasure it always!

Then, sadly it was time to say goodbye to the zoom guest year 6 children so we all tried a class photo! Thanks to Mrs Forbes for finding a high spot!

We are SO proud of all the hard work the children put in this year. There were new roles to fill- Well-being Wizards, House Captains, Farm Experts, Tour Guides and of course Head Girl and Head Boy. Lucy and Toby did an amazing job representing the school- thank you!

It has been a real privilege to teach this very special group of children back in year 1, again in year 4, and from April in year 5 to now. They are some of the kindest, most hard-working, funny, cheeky, knowledgeable, creative, ambitious and engaged children I’ve ever taught and I have loved every minute of it.

Thank you also for the extremely generous gifts I received this year! Thanks to Lucy’s mum Katie for coordinating such a thoughtful and personal group gift, and for all the other lovely things I was given today- you know me so well!

I hope you all have a brilliant summer and I look forward to hearing about how well you’ve done in year 7!

‘Hugs and rainbows’ Mrs O xxx

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