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Fab fun week!

This week the keyworker bubble have had lots of fun. Alongside their home learning the children got very creative with playdough, we had a volcano, the title of our favourite Frozen 2 song, a pizza, a happy face, bread rolls and the Alban Wood logo.

We had a fun afternoon playing our own version of footgolf on the field. The children really enjoyed challenging themselves to beat their previous score.

We have enjoyed Disney sing-alongs throughout the week and we are all well rehearsed in Lost in the Woods from Frozen 2.

We have also been learning some new dances by watching some dance-along videos. Our favourite so far has been a Zumba dace to Better when I’m Dancing.

We had a lovely treat today with a chocolate egg hunt in the outdoor learning area. We had to be quick before they melted.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and cannot wait to see you in September.

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