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Mummifying Tomatoes in Year 4

This week, as part of our study of Ancient Egypt, Year 4 have been learning how the Egyptians mummified people to preserve their bodies so they could continue into the Afterlife. We decided to test this theory and try some mummifying of our own using tomatoes.

Firstly, the Egyptians removed the lungs, liver, stomach and the intestines and placed them in canopic jars. We cut a small hole in our tomatoes and carefully spooned out all the pulp and seeds (this was a very messy job!).

Next, we covered our tomatoes in alcohol (anti-bacterial handwash) to clean the ‘body’.

Then, we made a mixture of salts to mirror the naturally occurring Natron salts the Egyptians would have used to dry out the bodies. We made this with an equal amount of bicarbonate of soda and table salt and packed our natron into the tomatoes.

Finally, we have left our mummified tomatoes, along with an untouched one as a control, in a dry, airy place.

The children have made predictions about what will happen to our tomatoes and can’t wait to check them in a couple of weeks to see if any of us are correct!

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