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Year 1’s Elf!

Year 1 were very excited to find their elf has returned again this year! Each day we cannot wait to see where he is and what he has been doing! This year he leaves us a tiny note that we need to use the visualiser to read!

On the 1st of December he asked Year 1 to make a long kindness paper chain writing how children in Year 1 have been kind to them. We had lots of ideas!

On the 2nd of December he asked us to decorate our window with positive messages for passers by to see. Please look out for them if you are walking past year 1! We hope they make your smile.

On the 3rd of December elf asked us to make a thank you sign. Elf had made one for delivery workers for his door. We thought about who we would like to thank including NHS workers, delivery workers, police, firemen, teachers, mums and dads as well as Santa!

On the 4th of December elf asked us to tell some jokes to make someone laugh. We enjoyed sharing some of our favourite jokes and read Elf’s tiny joke book!

We cannot wait to see elf and Year 1’s adventures next week!! What will happen next!!

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