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Year 1’s Kindness Elf Part 2 of 3

The elf has given us some more exciting challenges this week!

On Monday we were asked to smile at everyone we saw in school! On Tuesday we were asked to make a Christmas picture. We were lucky to have an extra session on the chrome books where we drew our pictures and practised saving our work on purple mash!

On Wednesday Elf asked us to write a kind message on the ground using chalk. We had a lot of fun creating messages including: smile, have a nice day, be happy and I like you. Then we enjoyed adding pictures. We saw classes come to break after we had finished excited to see our messages and pictures!

On Thursday Elf arrived with a small nativity scene asking us to sing some Christmas songs! We had a busy day singing our songs for the school nativity and practising in front of the tree where we used our estimation skills, our understanding of taller and shorter and then looked at how to create a blog post! We ended the day singing songs for our grown-ups. We hope they enjoyed our singing!

On Friday Elf asked us to make thank you cards for people who help us in school. The children independently chose an adult they would like to thank and enjoyed getting messy and practising their cutting skills in creating snowy pictures.  Hopefully the cards will be a nice surprise for staff around the school to show how much we appreciate them.

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