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Year 1 Elf Part 3 of 3

Our final week with the Kindness elf before he returns to the North Pole…

On Monday we were asked to write a kind note about our partner. We had some great ideas about what we liked about our partner to make them smile! We continued by thinking about how we were a good friend and what makes us special and unique to finish our Jigsaw PSHE topic.

On Tuesday elf asked us to make a homemade gift for our family. We decided to make a calendar using cutting and tearing to create a collage. As we have started learning about seasons each child chose a season they would like to represent in their collage.

On Wednesday elf asked us to decorate a biscuit. We wrote instructions before decorating our biscuits. We have also been learning about algorithms in computing which is a bit like instructions where everyone ends up with exactly the same outcome! We have added the instructions if you would like to decorate biscuits at home- don’t forget to wash your hands!

On Thursday elf asked us to come up with a game using a balloon to make someone smile. Our ideas included hide and week, IT, passing the balloon over our head and under our arm without touching the ground!

On Friday elf reminded us of the different home time: 1.50pm. He also asked us to write a letter to our grandparents. We had already practised writing a letter to Santa earlier in the week! The letter will be in your child’s book bag today- it would be lovely if you could pass the letter on, maybe your child will get a response!

We have thoroughly enjoyed elf’s visit and Year 1 will be surprised by some new little visitors to help us continue the kind acts in 2021!

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas break and look forward to seeing you again in January! Year 1 parents you can see updates on the right hand side of our class page:

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