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Year 5 Rowan No Tech Day Home Activities

What a lot of creative minds we have in Year 5!
I had some brilliant photos sent to me, showing all sorts of lovely activities, from cooking with Nan, paper aeroplane competitions, nature walks, macro photography, discussing holidays, art work, cooking following my video (French toast), a video of a song and some lyrics too!

A gorgeous rainbow!

Excellent use of the feet here!

A lovely song!

From one single line – a lion is born!

A wonderful picture which makes me think of summer!

I am dizzy just looking at this one!

Excellent folding skills for the aeroplane experiment! Who knew physics could be so much fun?!

I had so many more but couldn’t post them all due to the formet that I had for them but thank you so much to everyone who sent me their pictures and completed their grid feedback!

I hope you are all feeling refreshed!

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