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Year 1 No Tech Day

Year 1 had an amazing No Tech Day! Here are a couple of photos to show what Year 1 have been doing…

Making Cupcakes
Hide and Seek with Noo-Noos using positional language
Nature Hunt
Cutting Lunch
Nature Bunny Rabbit
Designing Superheroes
Drawing Noo Noos

Some of the activities included children going for nature walks, planting, exploring and creating nature Art! Children were busy in the kitchen making porridge, smoothies, their own lunch and cupcakes. Children made cards for loved ones, created squiggle pictures and designed superheroes. They played games with grown ups including snakes and ladders, puzzles, lego and Dobble. Dobble was definitely a favourite!

We had too much fun in the live session to take photos but children joined in with a special calm me time with their soft toys focusing on their breathing. We had a special show and tell seeing what children have been making including cards, a castle and a car park! It appears many of the children’s favourite activity was hiding and finding noo-noos linked to our English Book ‘The Last Noo Noo’ by Jill Murphy. We also had physi-gym to the inspirational song ‘This is Me’ where for part of the song we came up with our own physi-gym moves! We ended the session by drawing a picture of ourselves, writing and discussing how we were feeling. Fantastic as always to see so many children joining our live session!

It was fantastic to hear all of the positive feedback and see the photos of Year 1 enjoying themselves! Well done Year 1!

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