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Chartwells Thumbs Up

Today some of the children got to participate in Chartwells Thumbs Up, a taste testing of meals being developed for the new September menu. The children, from the 3/4 bubble, got to taste 3 different menu options and gave their feedback to the chef.

The children started by tasting Cockanoodle-doo, a chicken and noodle stir-fry containing carrots, peas and sweetheart cabbage. This dish was very popular and got 7 thumbs up out of 9. All the children agreed that the stir-fry smelt great and gave feedback including “The noodles, chicken and cabbage go really well together”, “This chicken tastes sweeter than at home” and “I like the texture in my mouth, its smooth”.

Next the children got to taste a vegetarian loaf with a butternut squash and tomato sauce containing Quorn, pink lentils, onions, garlic, herbs and soy sauce. This dish had mixed reviews, 2 children gave thumbs up, 5 were unsure and 3 said they didn’t like it. One child commented “the sauce isnt sweet” and a couple of other children agreed with one adding “I’m not keen on the sauce but I like the other bits”, whereas one child thought “It’s the best”.

To finish off the tasting session the children got to taste an orange, sultana and carrot slice containing fresh orange juice and zest, sultanas, sunflower seeds, eggs, flour, a little sugar and margarine. This dish was a big hit with the children and feedback included “I don’t like it, I love it!”, “I think the cake is fabulous”, “Magnificent”, “I mega love it”, “I like the fruity flavour” and “Please can we have seconds”.

Thank you to Chartwells catering for giving the children at Alban Wood Primary School and Nursery the opportunity to give their thumbs up.

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