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Year 1- Streets Through Time Week 1

Year 1 have been looking at lots of creative ideas linked to houses and homes this week!

On Monday we introduced our book for the next 3 weeks. We looked at the front cover and talked about what the book might be about. We found out that we are going to be looking at this book for lots of different lessons so we wrote ideas for what we could do linked to houses and homes. We then had a special choosing time to have a go at our ideas!

We also explored different textures inside and outside of the classroom. We created rubbings of the textures we found and were then challenged to create a picture using our rubbings!

On Tuesday we started to look at the pages of Streets Through Time. We discussed whether it was a fiction or non-fiction book and how we knew. We then looked at the sequence of the book and why a contents page was needed. In Geography we compared two streets in our local area: the street Alban Wood School is on and the street Orchard school is on, we found lots of similarities and differences! We practised our weaving as well to create a ‘rug’ for our home using coloured paper. On Wednesday we labelled the non-fiction features of the Victorian Street. We discussed why page numbers, headings and subheadings were needed and spotted lots of different types of punctuation.

In Art we explored printing using everyday objects. We used rollers as well are brushes to apply the paint evenly and made sure to apply pressure before lifting off our object! We tried rotating our prints and making pictures towards our mother’s day cards. I wonder if you can work out the objects we used!

On Thursday we had our first census lesson. We reminded ourselves of the names of different features and continued to look closely at the Victorian Street to create a list of human and physical features. Do you think we found more human or physical features?

Tomorrow we will be continuing to look at the book focusing on the past and present tense! Well done Year 1, Fantastic learning this week!

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