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Reception – Animal masks and portraits

This week we linked our two arts lessons and literacy together with our topic of animals. Our story of the week was based on ‘Dear Zoo’ and looking at the different types of animals that appeared within the book. We began our first art lesson by talking about the colouring, patterns and features of different animals. This was to help the children when it came to painting their animal mask and portraits in each art lesson. We also looked at a step by step guide on how to paint our masks and portraits and the reasons why we would paint certain things first such as the skin before the eyes. One child said “The skin would get into the eyes if we did that first”. The children took great attention to detail by thinking of the colours they needed and the shapes of the facial features. We also learnt about mixing colours and for one particular colour black and white made grey for those who were painting an elephant. In our first art lesson we painted animal masks and in our second art lesson we painted portraits of our favourite animal. Once their portraits had dried, the children wrote the name of their animal using their phonics knowledge. Fantastic art work Chestnut!

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