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Reception – Descriptive writing

This week in literacy we focused our learning on descriptive words. This linked beautifully to our story of the week ‘Dear Zoo’ as each page gives a descriptive word to why they sent their animal back. We began our literacy lesson as a class circle time learning the meaning of a descriptive word and why it is used. The class were then given six sentences which all contained one example of a descriptive word. The children had to find this descriptive word in the sentence and circle using a pen. This then led on nicely to their activity where each child was given a page from the story and using a yellow highlighter, had to highlight the descriptive word. Continuing our learning in to descriptive words, the next day in our literacy lesson the children were given cut out words of one repetitive sentence from the story. The task was to rearrange the sentence using their phonics knowledge to read each word and then complete the sentence by writing an animal.

Finding a descriptive word in a sentence
Finding a descriptive word in a sentence and highlighting it
Rearranging a sentence from the story book Dear Zoo
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