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Experience English Lesson in Year 6

In English today we had an experience lesson. We used the musical instruments to create a soundscape to mimic a storm at sea, building up to a boat capsizing. The results were amazing! We then used this experience to write a collaborative class poem.

Storm Poem by Year 6

Pitter Patter! Drizzle hazed

The mist thickened; it grew heavier

The ratter-tat of the rain dripped gently on the ocean

The storm was getting angrier!

Down, down came the rain

The sea started to complain.

Splat! Rain sprayed the deck

The air became denser; it was nearly impossible to see

Thick fog covered the sea like a carpet

The storm was getting angrier!

Then suddenly, the fog came

And so did the rain.

Splash! The endless water poured down

The fog and the rain created a blanket over the landscape

Nobody, absolutely nobody, knew it was coming

The storm was getting angrier!

The clouds were pouring with heavy rain

The sky was raging as if it was in pain. 

Crack! A rumble of rage

The gloomy clouds darken above

A bolt of thunderous lightning struck across the sky

The storm was getting angrier!

The lightning bolted viciously

Across the sky maliciously.

Bang! The thunder was getting closer

It was spreading for miles

Growling like a hungry stomach

The storm was getting angrier!

The storm was louder than ever

It was going on forever.

Crash! The thunder struck again

The boat filled rapidly with water

The ship was slowly tilting to its side

The storm was getting angrier!

The boat dipped and began to dim

Then all of a sudden, we all had to swim!

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