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Year 1 English- Artefact Experience Day

Yesterday for our experience day we were learning about what a museum is and what artefact means. We had borrowed some toy artefacts from Watford museum and talked about how we need to wear gloves, take turns and be extra gentle. In groups the children took turns to explore the artefacts thinking about our FANTASTICS including what we notice about them, how they feel, and the action- how they work. We noticed that over time the materials toys are made from have changed. We ended with the challenge of ordering a group of artefacts from older to newer. Year 1 have written questions to ask the Learning Officer from Watford Museum to find out even more about the museum and toys from the past!

On Friday (tomorrow!) we have an experience day about teddy bears, please can Year 1 bring ONE teddy to school.

Thursday 2nd December our experience day is about wheeled toys so please can Year 1 bring ONE wheeled toy to school.

I cannot wait to see the writing Year 1 produces following our fantastic experience days!

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