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Dolls House

The children in Nursery had a problem they told the adult they had “lots and lots of dolls furniture but no dolls house”. The adult asked what should we do ? Some of the children came up with the idea of buying one. The adult explained we had no money but what else could we do? The children came up with idea of making their own dolls house. With the help of teaching staff and parents we collected boxes. The children painted the boxes and selected different fabrics and tissue paper to decorate the boxes. Working together and sharing ideas the children have created a dolls house.

We have been exploring the story of Handas surprise for black history month. The children noted that Handa lives in a very different house to them. We looked at images of houses we live in. Some children explained they live in a very tall tower and we could use the boxes we have to make a tall tower. Watch this space for our next creation.

Great team work Nursery.


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