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  • Decorating the Christmas tree

    Mrs.Bowie has some very keen helpers to decorate the Christmas tree! I think you will agree, it looks beautiful!

  • Advent Assembly

    Reverend Green and Reverend Maddox led our Advent Assembly this morning. They showed how important it is to prepare for a new baby and we had some very helpful pupils […]

  • Agora Junior Leadership Team assembly

    Head boy & girl held a whole school assembly to introduce Generosity Day. They attended a Junior Leadership teams meeting on Generosity – giving time, action, donations, words. From the […]

  • PTA raffle prize

    The raffle was drawn this morning, congratulations to the lucky winner. We hope you enjoy your prize. He’s already said he’ll share it with his brother

  • FAWs Advent Calendar

    A huge thank-you to Friends of Alban Wood for organising the whole school advent calendar! The children were very excited!

  • Christmas tree decorating

    Reception decorated their small Christmas tree today – there might not be any decorations left for the big tree!

  • Celebrating success

    On Friday we celebrated History, Art and Geography! Today we celebrated achievements with the Reading Passports! Lots of successes! We will celebrate again in the New Year, so happy reading!

  • Pen Pal letters

    The Year 6 House Captain’s, Head boy & Girl and our secretary we asked to take part in a Pen Pal scheme by the residence of Lancaster Court, the old […]

  • Stay and Read

    The first Reception Class Stay and Read was very successful – the children loved reading with their parents and grandparents. Thank you to everyone who came. We hope to see […]

  • Story Sacks course – week 3

    The Hungry Caterpillar Today we made Caterpillars out of Cheerios for the birds to eat and butterflies for us to use to retell the story!

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