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  • Walk to School Week

    Thank you to everyone who has been walking to school this week despite the weather! On Monday we held a whole school assembly about walk to school week and why […]

  • First Access Recorder Lessons

    A huge ‘thank you’ to Leigh Miller from HMS who has made Year 3’s Friday mornings so tuneful this Spring term. Miss Miller taught a weekly session which included recorder, […]

  • Year 1- Whipsnade Zoo

    Year 1 had an amazing day yesterday at Whipsnade zoo where we learned about the five different groups of animals- mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Here are a few […]

  • Alban Wood Gallant Girls!

    Alban Wood girls were excellent in their match against Orchard Primary School today with an incredible 3-1 victory! Both teams played some brilliant football and were a credit to their […]

  • Year 5 Maths

    Today Year 5 looked at decimals up to 2 decimal places and represented these in different ways. We tried to use as many representations as we could! After representing these […]

  • Bird Feeders

    The nursery is taking part in the RSPB School Bird Watch. As part of their learning the children made some amazing bird feeders for their homework. Today the children went […]

  • Year 5 Distractions Training

    Today, Year 5 were lucky enough to have distractions training, where we were able to further our knowledge of road safety. We discussed the dangers of mobile phones and participated […]

  • Road Safety in Reception

    Reception were lucky to have an online lesson from Herts County Council today about road safety. They learnt about the importance of wearing a seat belt and getting in and […]

  • Generosity Day in Reception

    Reception read ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ and then thought of ways they had been generous…. ideas included ‘drawing a picture for my new baby cousin’, ‘taking old toys to […]

  • Reception word hunt

    In today’s Phonics lesson Reception went on a word hunt. They had to find and write down words containing the ‘ar’ grapheme, while ignoring any words they found without the […]

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