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  • Reception – Clay owls

    This week reception have been linking their learning to the story book ‘Owl babies’. To continue their knowledge and skills through all areas of learning, we linked Owl babies to […]

  • Reception – Grouping numbers in P.E

    This week reception have been extending their learning in maths by looking at grouping and number bonds to 10. We linked our maths learning with our P.E lesson this week […]

  • Reception – Hedgehog artwork

    In art, reception class were given the task to create their own hedgehog using fallen leaves. They began their task by venturing outdoors to collect three leaves which they then […]

  • Reception – Children in Need

    Today reception celebrated Children in Need. Reception learnt Children in Need is a charity that helps children all over the UK. From class discussions and videos, the children learnt how […]

  • Reception – Secret Story Teller

    Thank you to our two parents for being our first Secret Story Tellers of the week! The children absolutely loved the two stories! It was so lovely seeing their engagement, […]

  • Reception – Clay ladybirds

    This week’s art lessons were based on our story book of the week ‘What the ladybird heard’. We began our first art lesson by exploring the features of a ladybird. […]

  • Reception – Daily mile run

    Reception and the whole school all joined in with England Does The Daily Mile on Friday 30th April. Before reception sent off on the Daily Mile we had a class […]

  • Reception – New arrivals

    Today Chestnut had a lovely surprise! In relation to this terms topic ‘Animals and Dinosaurs’ we had some new arrivals. Chestnut now have caterpillars!! Over the next few weeks we […]

  • Reception – Dinosaur shadows

    This week in art Chestnut explored dinosaur shadows. The outcome of this lesson was to see the formation of a shadow and how each dinosaurs shadow is different due to […]

  • Reception – Dinosaur nests

    This week Reception have taken a trip back in time and focused their learning on dinosaurs. In art we explored dinosaur nests. The outcome of this lesson was to get […]

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