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Year 1

  • Year One Art

    Year One have been busy exploring different artists styles in art, following the theme of ‘Portraits’. This week we looked at Paul Klee and how he used watercolour paint to […]

  • Year 1 Homes Through Time

    Year 1 are currently comparing homes today to homes in the past. Today we looked at Victorian artefacts that would have been used in the home. Can you guess what […]

  • Year 1 at Whipsnade!

    Year 1 has had a very busy day at Whipsnade zoo! We have learned about African animals ready for our safari travel journal after half term. We have explored different […]

  • Year 1 PE

    Yesterday Year 1 were practising their rolling skills. They tried a variety of different ideas for rolling the ball with one or two hands and different ways of stopping the […]

  • Year 1 Geography Fieldwork

    This afternoon, Year 1 explored their local environment looking for human and physical features. They had lots of ideas! Tomorrow we will be comparing Leavesden to other places around England […]

  • Year 1- Art Sculptures

    This week Year 1 have been looking at the Sculptors: Eva Rothschild (who used sticks and marshmallows), Jill Townsley (who used spoons and elastic bands) and Marc Quinn (who used […]

  • Year 1 PSHE

    This week, Year 1 have been thinking about steps to achieve a goal. The goal was to make a jam sandwich. The children thought carefully about the steps involved and […]

  • Year 1- Computer Games of the Past

    For our experience day today Year 1 were exploring some early computer games! They had fantastic ideas for how games have changed from Pong (1972) to Space Invaders (1978) to […]

  • Year 1 English- Artefact Experience Day

    Yesterday for our experience day we were learning about what a museum is and what artefact means. We had borrowed some toy artefacts from Watford museum and talked about how […]

  • Year 1 Science- Autumn Walk

    Yesterday Year 1 went on an Autumn walk. We practised creating tally charts in our groups of what we found! We found lots of holly and deciduous and evergreen trees. […]

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