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Year 1 - 2. page

  • Year 1 PE

    Yesterday Year 1 were practising their rolling skills. They tried a variety of different ideas for rolling the ball with one or two hands and different ways of stopping the […]

  • Year 1 Geography Fieldwork

    This afternoon, Year 1 explored their local environment looking for human and physical features. They had lots of ideas! Tomorrow we will be comparing Leavesden to other places around England […]

  • Year 1- Art Sculptures

    This week Year 1 have been looking at the Sculptors: Eva Rothschild (who used sticks and marshmallows), Jill Townsley (who used spoons and elastic bands) and Marc Quinn (who used […]

  • Year 1 PSHE

    This week, Year 1 have been thinking about steps to achieve a goal. The goal was to make a jam sandwich. The children thought carefully about the steps involved and […]

  • Year 1- Computer Games of the Past

    For our experience day today Year 1 were exploring some early computer games! They had fantastic ideas for how games have changed from Pong (1972) to Space Invaders (1978) to […]

  • Year 1 English- Artefact Experience Day

    Yesterday for our experience day we were learning about what a museum is and what artefact means. We had borrowed some toy artefacts from Watford museum and talked about how […]

  • Year 1 Science- Autumn Walk

    Yesterday Year 1 went on an Autumn walk. We practised creating tally charts in our groups of what we found! We found lots of holly and deciduous and evergreen trees. […]

  • Year 1 History- Toys

    After thinking about how toys have changed in their lifetime (from a baby to a toddler to today) Year 1 brought in their favourite toy from home this week. We […]

  • Year 1- Protect the Ocean

    Year 1 have been thinking carefully about how to protect the ocean today. We looked at a variety of pictures of rubbish on the beach and in oceans and it […]

  • Year 1 Geography- Aerial Maps

    Year 1 have been exploring aerial maps for the last few weeks. We looked at what aerial maps are before identifying and labelling features on our school map. Three groups […]

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