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Year 1 - 3. page

  • Year 1 Art- Exploring Collage

    Year 1 have been exploring cutting, ripping and sticking to create collages. We began by creating collages using coloured paper. We then explored using leaves to create collages (and found […]

  • Year 1 Busy Fingers

    Year 1 are enjoying fine motor activities in their colour groups four times a week when they arrive. Activities last week have included scissor skills to create their own aliens, […]

  • Year 1 Flags

    As the children arrived this morning we learned about Gareth Southgate and that Green group is named after him because he was born in Watford! Lots of us wanted to […]

  • Year 1 Fruit Pizzas!

    Year 1 had a fantastic time making fruit pizzas this week! They looked carefully at their design and followed the instructions including 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/6 cup of […]

  • Year 1 Fruit Design Technology

    This half term for Design and Technology Year 1 are focusing on fruit. We started by gathering information about the classes favourite fruits we then analysed a bar chart showing […]

  • Year 1 Sculptures!

    For this half term in Art Year 1 have explored sculptors and sculptures. We started by discussing that sculptures can be made of of anything and talking about our favourite […]

  • Year 1- Keeping Fit

    Year 1 have enjoyed lots of exercise this week! We took part in a fitter futures workshop on Monday where we found that we could order ourselves by height much […]

  • Year 1- Important People

    Here is some of our work so far on Important People! We started by looking at roles in our community- we had lots of different ideas about which was the […]

  • Year 1 Red Nose Day Physi-gym

    Some of the children in Year 1 had created a special physi-gym in preparation for red nose day. We hope that you will join in and it will make you […]

  • Year 1- Streets Through Time Week 1

    Year 1 have been looking at lots of creative ideas linked to houses and homes this week! On Monday we introduced our book for the next 3 weeks. We looked […]

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