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Year 5

  • Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

    Our school council, joined by Head Boy and Girl, are ready to present everyone’s hard work. We are looking forward to hearing what The Grange Academy and Meryfield Primary School […]

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  • Netball Triumph!

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Where to begin… We took our netball team to Futures Academy this evening for The School Sports Partnership’s netball tournament. The team had to play three 24 […]

  • Introducing… Grant Strong – Author Visit

    We have been having an extremely interesting day with author Grant Strong today. This morning begun with a fantastic assembly, introducing us to his thrilling new book (Running Deep) and […]

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  • Year 5’s Eggnaut Challenge!

    Year 5 accepted a very ambitious challenge this week and worked in pairs to build home-made spacecrafts. Their mission was to safely transport their eggnaut from a 2 metre height […]

  • Year 5 Play Leader Training

    Year 5 had an amazing day training to be play leaders. We first got into groups and looked at the leadership principles of safety, organisation, communication, co-operation, enjoyment and responsibility. […]

  • Year 5 ‘Find the Shape’ English

    Having recently moved onto our non-fiction English topic, Year 5 have been introduced to the ‘shapes’ through which they are going to be writing a transmission from Mars. As part […]

  • COP26 Climate Change Day Year 5

    Year 5 had an amazing day discussing climate change and what we can do to help. We started by painting posters to show the effects that climate change is having […]

  • Hate Crime Awareness Week – Session 1

    This week is Hate Crime Awareness Week and we decided to join Y5 and Y6 together for some collaborative work on this very important matter. Today, we discussed what Hate […]

  • Year 5 Rowan No Tech Day Home Activities

    What a lot of creative minds we have in Year 5!I had some brilliant photos sent to me, showing all sorts of lovely activities, from cooking with Nan, paper aeroplane […]

  • Y5/6 Paper Aeroplane Competition

    The Y5/6 bubble had a paper aeroplane competition as part of No Tech Day this afternoon. They made their own aeroplanes and wanted to see which one would fly the […]

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