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Year 6 - 2. page

  • Lives not Knives in Year 6

    Today, Year 6 were visited by PCSOs Daisy and Keith who led us through the Lives not Knives workshop. We learnt a lot about how to keep safe as we […]

  • Year 6 are getting creative!

    This week, Year 6 have been combining their learning in History with their creative skills. We looked at the features of traditional Tudor houses and how they would have been […]

  • Writing Writing Writing!

    English in Year 6 is off to a fantastic start this half term. We begun by looking at the ‘shapes’ that make up a non-chronological report, familiarising ourselves with what […]

  • Hate Crime Awareness Week – Session 1

    This week is Hate Crime Awareness Week and we decided to join Y5 and Y6 together for some collaborative work on this very important matter. Today, we discussed what Hate […]

  • Experience English Lesson in Year 6

    In English today we had an experience lesson. We used the musical instruments to create a soundscape to mimic a storm at sea, building up to a boat capsizing. The […]

  • Positive Minds Week 1

    Watford Community Sports and Education Trust run a Positive Minds programme, focusing on Mental Health. Taylor will be working with Year 6 for the next 10 weeks and developing our […]

  • School Sports Partnership awards

    Children from Alban Wood were recognised for their efforts and achievements in sports both in school and during lockdown. We joined the virtual school sports partnership awards this morning for […]

  • England Does The Daily Mile

    Today we joined with England Does The Daily Mile. We thought about why The Daily Mile is so important and why we take part in it most days. We wrote […]

  • Y6 No Tech Day at home

    It was great to see so many of you take part in No Tech Day yesterday. There were some really imaginative ideas and I really enjoyed seeing what you all […]

  • Y5/6 Paper Aeroplane Competition

    The Y5/6 bubble had a paper aeroplane competition as part of No Tech Day this afternoon. They made their own aeroplanes and wanted to see which one would fly the […]

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