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Nursery pupils…

Welcome to Nursery!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back,

 I hope you all had a good Easter Break and enjoyed the glimpses of the sunshine.  This is a fantastic term with some wonderful learning opportunities.

Please can you continue to develop your child independence by encouraging them to put on their own on shoes and socks and their coat on? If your child can put on their coat, can you extend them by getting them to do the buttons or zip up? Can you develop your child’s independence at home encouraging them to self-care for the toileting and enable them to feed themselves at home?  Model how to cut up their food encourage them to have ago.  As the children are getting nearer to starting reception, they are expected to be able to feed themselves and use a knife and fork (Not using hands to pick up food).

 Summer Term

We start the term with our Farm visit the children are very excited and have been already learning about the animals that will be visiting and looking at the names of the Male, Females and their young.

This term we are also learning about lifecycles from plants to mini beasts. We are using the story “The very Hungry Caterpillar” to start our topic., The children have developed an interest in pirates with this in mind we have taken this theme to enhance our learning.  The Pirate ship will take us on amazing journey’s for example to mini beast land. We will be using our map of England to explore areas of England taking our Pirate ship along the English coastline we will be exploring old pirate stories along the way and the history of the areas in a fun creative way.

As the weather is showing signs of summer, please can you ensure your child brings in a water bottle, and dressed for the weather? Sun cream on and a hat. Please ensure all items of clothing is labelled with your child’s name on including hats?

Library Day

The children will have the opportunity to choose a library every Friday.  We will collect their library books, with their homework books on Thursdays. 

Spare Clothes

Please send in your child to school with a complete change of clothes (including socks) in a named bag. This will be kept on their peg. If possible, named wellington boots which can be kept at school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us.

Kind Regards

Mrs Russell – Nursery Teacher

Mrs Connor – Early Years Practitioner

Miss Bowie – Early Years Practitioner

Miss Gibson – Early Years Practitioner

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