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Year 3

Year 3 pupils…

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely rest over Christmas and welcome back.

Our theme this term is Cruising Down the Nile. We will link our autumn learning about the Bronze Age in Britain to studying the Ancient Egyptians; the children are sometimes surprised to find that Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza were built at about the same time. In science, our topic is rocks, soils and fossils. We will experiment with the three types of naturally occurring rock: Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary. Our school resources include many types of fossil so that the children can analyse these incredible items first hand, developing their understanding of fossil formation. In maths we will extend our multiplication and division learning to written methods for these operations. Miss Miller joins us on Fridays for recorder lessons.

PE lessons take place on Tuesdays (tennis) and Thursdays (hockey). Please ensure that your child has their kit in school on these days. Despite wintry weather, our Spring curriculum includes outdoor lessons; if possible, please provide your child with an extra layer such as leggings, tracksuit bottoms and fleeces for added warmth. On very cold days, pupils may choose to wear their coats.

A homework sheet goes home on Mondays, due in the following Monday. One side is grammar-based and the other maths. This work is extra practice at something we have already covered in class the same week. If your child has any difficulty remembering a method or vocabulary please do let me know – feedback is valuable and I can recap to ensure understanding.

There is an expectation that pupils read a colour scheme book at least three times per week, if possible to an adult, and change their scheme book at least once per week. When wishing to change their scheme reader, pupils should put their Reading Wallet into the basket behind Mrs Stacey’s desk, immediately inside the classroom door. Please encourage your child to complete their reading diary with the title and pages read themselves – parent/carer to initial. Reading is the foundation of all other learning – excellence in almost any academic subject requires strong reading. It is the single most important skill you can practise with your child. Many thanks for your support with this key skill for life.

Mrs Thomas, Mrs Chinn, and Mrs Stacey

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