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KS2 Results: Year 6 SATs 2022

Alban WoodNationalHerts
Reading (test)
Average progress score-1.8
Average scaled score105
% Expected standard or above77%74%78%
% Achieving high standard37%28%33%
Writing (TA)
Average progress score1.4
% Expected standard or above80%69%69%
% Achieving high standard37%13%17%
GPS (test)
Average scaled score108
% Expected standard or above83%72%76%
% Achieving high standard47%28%33%
Maths (test)
Average progress score0.2
Average scaled score106
% Expected standard or above70%71%73%
% Achieving high standard47%22%26%
RWM combined
% Expected standard or above63%59%60%
% Achieving high standard33%7%10%

KS1 Results: Year 2  Assessments 2022

Alban WoodNationalHerts
% Expected standard or above70%67%68%
% Working at greater depth23%18%23%
% Expected standard or above67%58%58%
% Working at greater depth13%8%10%
% Expected standard or above73%68%68%
% Working at greater depth17%15%18%
RWM combined
% Expected standard or above63%54%
% Working at greater depth10%8%

Phonics 2022

Alban WoodNationalHertfordshire
Year 1 Phonics Screening Check63%76%76%

EYFS Profile 2022

Alban WoodNationalHertfordshire
Good Level of Development (GLD)76%65%65%
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