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KS2 Results: Year 6 SAT  (2019)

Alban WoodNationalHerts
Reading (test)
Average progress score-3.10.02-0.07
Average scaled score102104105.3
% Expected standard or above66%73%76.2%
% Achieving high standard17%26.9%30.8%
Writing (TA)
Average progress score-2.20.05-0.36
% Expected standard or above76%78%79.2%
% Achieving high standard28%20.2%24.6%
GPS (test)
Average scaled score101106107
% Expected standard or above59%78%79%
% Achieving high standard24%36%37%
Maths (test)
Average progress score-4.30.03-0.44
Average scaled score101105105
% Expected standard or above55%79%79.5%
% Achieving high standard24%26.6%29.3%
RWM combined
% Expected standard or above45%65%67%
% Achieving high standard14%11%13%

KS1 Results: Year 2  (2019)

Alban WoodNationalHerts
% Expected standard or above77%75%77%
% Working at greater depth43%25%31%
% Expected standard or above73%69%71%
% Working at greater depth33%15%19%
% Expected standard or above77%76%77%
% Working at greater depth40%22%26%
RWM combined
% Expected standard or above63%65%66%
% Working at greater depth23%11%15%

Year 1 phonics screening

  • Within this year’s Year 1 cohort, 67% of pupils met or exceeded the expected standard of the phonics screening.

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (Reception)

  • We are very pleased that 73% of pupils have achieved ‘a good level of development’ (pupil attainment in Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal social and emotional development, Literacy and Mathematics). This is the same as the Hertfordshire average of 73%.
  • Our pupils are making good progress across EYFS (Nursery and Reception) because almost all pupils achieve expected progress and a substantial proportion achieve better than expected progress.
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